The Endless Benefits of Gymnastics at TAGS

Gymnastics has so many benefits for children. Not only does it promote self-confidence, it builds physical and mental strength, and improves social and emotional well-being!

Physical Benefits

Gymnastics has physical benefits such as increased strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, endurance and agility. Gymnastics works muscles in the body from the large muscle groups to the smallest stabilizing muscles. Becoming stronger, more flexible and coordinated not only helps kids in the gym, it also helps them with other aspects of their lives.

Another component of gymnastics is proprioception. Proprioception is the ability to be aware of how the body moves and being able to think about what position/movement you want your body to do and then being able to follow through. Children who participate in gymnastics are able to learn how to increase this “sixth sense” by learning to do new skills. With a coach’s help they learn what positions are required, and then with repetition they learn how to do the skills alone using proprioception.

Social Skills

Gymnastics can help children enhance social skills. Children learn how to take turns, listen to instructions, focus on a task, be patient, process constructive criticism, be supportive of other kids and ask for help. Gymnastics requires a lot of communication between students and their coach to ensure a safe and fun environment. Going to gymnastics is a great time for kids to make new friends and learn new things.


Gymnastics teaches kids resilience. In gymnastics, there will be times when gymnasts might fall or make mistakes, but with the support of coaches, kids are taught to get up and try again! They are taught that practice and patience are what make successful gymnasts.

Kindergarten Readiness

Gymnastics also helps kids succeed in school. Our sport helps develop the grip strength needed for fine motor skills like holding a pencil and writing. Kids are also taught to listen and focus while they are at gymnastics. In addition, the process of learning new skills in gymnastics helps develop spatial awareness. Spatial awareness helps kids understand shapes and distances, which are often referenced in school.

Confidence & Self-Esteem

Children learn how to build up their confidence and self esteem doing gymnastics. They learn to trust themselves when trying new things! They are encouraged by their coaches and other classmates. No two kids learn the same way and gymnastics offers a personalized approach to learning. In gymnastics, it’s important to remind kids of this and to encourage them not to feel discouraged when others are progressing at a different rate. Gymnastics can be difficult for some, but with patience, encouragement and confidence gymnasts can accomplish so much!

TAGS = Fun, Fitness, Friends!

Gymnastics, along with all exercise, activates the release of endorphins and activates opioid receptors in the brain which helps increase the feeling of being happy.

These amazing benefits, combined with our phenomenal staff, make TAGS Gymnastics all about Fun, Fitness & Friends!

The TAGS Summer Progressive Meet is Coming Up!

What is the Summer Progressive Meet?

During the summer, TAGS staff are working hard with students ages 5 & over to prepare them for the Progressive Meet! All students who are registered for the Summer Session in either Progressive or Trampoline & Tumbling class are eligible to register and compete in the 2019 TAGS Summer Progressive Meet. All of the skills learned for routines in the meet are also the skills students need to move up to the next class level.

Students in these programs will learn routines for each of the events they practice on during the summer session. The Progressive Meet is a great time for students to show off the skills they have been working on all summer. Each student that signs up to compete will receive a ribbon on each event, a summer meet t-shirt and an all-around trophy!

What can children learn from this competitive experience?

Competition has many aspects that children can benefit from. It can help them develop physically, mentally, and emotionally and will teach them to understand the different components of winning and losing. Our goal at TAGS is to introduce competition in a safe, fun, positive atmosphere.

How do I register?

Registration for the Summer Progressive Meet can be done in person at the front desk, over the phone, online via our website or in the TAGS Gymnastics App!

TAGS Apple Valley: (952) 431-6445 TAGS Eden Prairie: (952) 920-5342

Register for the summer meet to join the fun!

Download the TAGS Gymnastics App!

Thinking of “Taking a Break” for the Summer? Consider This…

The sport of gymnastics is all about MUSCLE MEMORY. ian-lucas-pbars-e1522422994328.jpg

Muscle memory is the ability to reproduce a particular movement without conscious thought, acquired as a result of frequent repetition of that movement.  Much like riding a bike or learning to play a musical instrument, gymnastics takes practice!  Participating in gymnastics at TAGS consistently throughout the year will mean more frequent repetition and will help gymnasts continue to progress.

In addition, gymnastics is great for exercise & fitness and will help prepare your child academically as well.  Here are a few benefits of gymnastics beyond fun & cartwheels:

Flip on the Focus

Gymnastics activates all large and fine motor skills.  Large motor activities like jumping, swinging, flipping & climbing stimulate the brain and allow children to focus.  Physical movement and exercise builds brain cells and helps children focus on a task.  Focusing with ease leads to learning with ease.

Rolling into Reading

Movements like swinging, twisting and rolling help the vestibular system develop properly. Rolling starts with the eyes and eye tracking is a prerequisite to reading. Gymnasts understand where their bodies are in space and work on visual, auditory, and tactile activities that help follow a pattern of movement.


Math Moves

For children to be able to understand mathematical principles, they need good spatial skills. All gymnastics moves improve body awareness and wire the brain for math.

Hang Ten for Handwriting

For children to have good handwriting skills, they must have strong muscles that work together – mighty abs, back muscles, shoulders, forearms, wrists and fingers.  When they have poor core muscles, they have trouble sitting upright in a desk, holding a pencil, and writing legibly. Bar work strengthens all muscle groups related to writing.

Perfect Patterns

Gymnastics starts with children learning to follow a pattern of movements. Sequencing and understanding where to go next is a Kindergarten readiness skill. Understanding the order of things and making your body go through the order allows for a physical and cognitive activity to help build brain cells for better learners!


Lavender HandstandDuring the summer at TAGS, some kids register for weekly classes, some register for periodic camps & some do both!  We hold a Summer Progressive Meet for interested gymnasts in the Progressive and Trampoline & Tumblers Programs at the end of the summer session.

Making time for gymnastics during the summer in either a class or camp is beneficial in so many ways.  Consistent participation in the sport of gymnastics is a win-win where learning & fun go hand in hand.  Don’t miss out on the FUN!

Shaping Healthy Minds

TAGS Gymnastics offers classes for walkers all the way through age 17.  This allows us an opportunity to help develop the minds of children and teens who participate in our program, and that is a responsibility we take seriously! TAGS is dedicated to being the home of fun, fitness, and friends. Here are some ways we strive to be a positive influence on our gymnasts at TAGS:

We promote good behavior!

  • Our goal is to have FUN while learning, so Blog 1we teach listening, safety, and social skills that prepare children to be considerate participants in gymnastics and other activities
  • Students learn that following along helps lessons to run smoothly and maximizes their fun and fitness experience
  • We care about our students and focus on maintaining a respectful environment

We help children reach goals!FB Blog 2

  • Whether we have a Beginner who masters their cartwheel or an Ultra Advanced student who perfects their round off back handspring, we love to celebrate success
  • We understand that children progress at different rates and our coaches are here to help students recognize their individual strengths and guide them to new achievements
  • Setting goals helps athletes develop a strong work ethic and creates opportunities to learn from both setbacks and successes

We know what kids need!

  • Fun!  TAGS provides a warm and positive atmosphere that keeps ourunnamed gymnasts excited to learn and grow
  • Fitness!  Exercise is the key to shaping healthy minds and bodies for all ages and gymnastics builds a great foundation for all sports
  • Friends!  Kids, families, and staff at TAGS Gymnastics cultivate friendships that strengthen children’s confidence and self-image

TAGS has the tools to help children flourish. From our safe and fun facilities to our passionate and knowledgeable coaches, we are here to make a difference. Join us today to experience the TAGS way!





Spotlight On: Tots & Minis (Ages 3 & 4)

Tot Mini Blog Pic 3The Tot and Mini classes at TAGS Gymnastics are designed with the 3 and 4 year old brain and body in mind! At TAGS we know that 3 and 4 year old children are filled with boundless energy and learning potential, so we provide classes that coordinate specifically with age and ability to maximize the physical and mental benefits of gymnastics. Tot and Mini classes give children an opportunity to learn fun new skills while they interact with other children in a safe and structured environment.

What do they do in class?

In Tot and Mini classes at TAGS, children learn basic tumbling progressions and explore other apparatus and activities based on individual readiness. Apparatus include bars, balance beam, trampoline, rings and more. Students are challenged through a series of obstacle courses which help build strength, coordination, and flexibility. Themes and music are often incorporated into lessons to promote a fun atmosphere for learning. Lesson plans are varied from week to week and session to session in order to challenge each gymnast in fun, new ways!

Tot Mini Blog Pic 2Why gymnastics?

Gymnastics provides a great foundation for boys and girls physically, mentally, and emotionally. Along with helping to develop fine and gross motor skills, gymnastics can teach children behaviors that will help them become successful in school and other sports and activities. Gymnastics creates a basis for strong, healthy bodies and minds.

Is my child ready?

We strive to create a fun, postive learning environment for all children. Gymnastics classes at TAGS are a great way to introduce children to new situations and new people! It is not uncommon for children to be shy or experience challenging moments at first, so we work through obstacles with fun activities while learning good behaviors like following directions and taking turns.


At TAGS we have many years of experience on our side! Our Tots and Minis follow lesson plans that are designed by qualified instructors to optimize the fun and fitness experience of 3 and 4 year old gymnasts while promoting good habits that help build strong students and athletes.

Tot Mini Blog Pic 4

I Got the Medal, but He got the First Hug.

TAGS South Head Team Coach Kevin Brown coached and trained gymnasts in the 1988, 1992, and 1996 Olympic Games. We are loving this heartwarming story from Wendy Bruce that exemplifies the amazing coach he was and still is today!

Get Psyched!

When I competed in the 1992 Olympics we had a team of six members. There was me, Shannon Miller, Kim Zmeskal, Betty Okino, Dominique Dawes, and Kerri Strug. Kim, Kerri, and Betty were coached by Bela Karoyli. Dom was coached by Kelli Hill. Shannon was coached by Steve Nunno and I was coached by the great Kevin Brown.

Back in 1992 we had to compete 8 routines. The entire team had to compete compulsories on all four events and optionals on all four events. Luckily during compulsories we were allowed to have our own coaches on the floor, but for optionals USA Gymnastics had to pick one head coach and one assistant coach for our team. They picked Bela and Steve. I knew Mr. Brown wasn’t going to be picked as a head or assistant coach for the team competition because it was customary to have the number one and two gymnasts…

View original post 946 more words

TAGS Spring Progressive Meets are Around the Corner!

Spring is an exciting time at TAGS as our staff and students begin preparations for the Progressive Meet! All students who participate in the Progressive Program or Trampoline & Tumbling Program and are registered for the Spring Session are eligible to register for and compete in the annual TAGS Spring Progressive Meet. Lisa with Ribbon Kids

Students learn a routine on select events during the Spring Session and get to showcase their skills at the meet, which will be held May. All gymnasts receive a ribbon for each event and a trophy for the all-around award. Our goal at TAGS is to introduce competition in a positive atmosphere. Register for the meet to join the fun!

Guillermo Meet

Competition is beneficial to children in many ways as it can help them develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. Participating in competitive activities at an early age helps Girls on Award Standchildren understand the different aspects of winning and losing. Most importantly, they can learn to utilize their successes and failures for personal growth. At TAGS we strive to provide a positive environment so our athletes will gain valuable life skills and have tons of fun along the way!


Not signed up for the Spring Session? Don’t worry! Registration is open for our Summer Session and includes UNLIMITED MAKEUPS for missed classes! Our Summer Session also concludes with a Progressive Meet on the evening of the last Friday of the session.

We look forward to seeing you at the Spring Progressive Meet!