Shaping Healthy Minds

TAGS Gymnastics offers classes for walkers all the way through age 17.  This allows us an opportunity to help develop the minds of children and teens who participate in our program, and that is a responsibility we take seriously! TAGS is dedicated to being the home of fun, fitness, and friends. Here are some ways we strive to be a positive influence on our gymnasts at TAGS:

We promote good behavior!

  • Our goal is to have FUN while learning, so Blog 1we teach listening, safety, and social skills that prepare children to be considerate participants in gymnastics and other activities
  • Students learn that following along helps lessons to run smoothly and maximizes their fun and fitness experience
  • We care about our students and focus on maintaining a respectful environment

We help children reach goals!FB Blog 2

  • Whether we have a Beginner who masters their cartwheel or an Ultra Advanced student who perfects their round off back handspring, we love to celebrate success
  • We understand that children progress at different rates and our coaches are here to help students recognize their individual strengths and guide them to new achievements
  • Setting goals helps athletes develop a strong work ethic and creates opportunities to learn from both setbacks and successes

We know what kids need!

  • Fun!  TAGS provides a warm and positive atmosphere that keeps ourunnamed gymnasts excited to learn and grow
  • Fitness!  Exercise is the key to shaping healthy minds and bodies for all ages and gymnastics builds a great foundation for all sports
  • Friends!  Kids, families, and staff at TAGS Gymnastics cultivate friendships that strengthen children’s confidence and self-image

TAGS has the tools to help children flourish. From our safe and fun facilities to our passionate and knowledgeable coaches, we are here to make a difference. Join us today to experience the TAGS way!





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