The Endless Benefits of Gymnastics at TAGS

Gymnastics has so many benefits for children. Not only does it promote self-confidence, it builds physical and mental strength, and improves social and emotional well-being!

Physical Benefits

Gymnastics has physical benefits such as increased strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, endurance and agility. Gymnastics works muscles in the body from the large muscle groups to the smallest stabilizing muscles. Becoming stronger, more flexible and coordinated not only helps kids in the gym, it also helps them with other aspects of their lives.

Another component of gymnastics is proprioception. Proprioception is the ability to be aware of how the body moves and being able to think about what position/movement you want your body to do and then being able to follow through. Children who participate in gymnastics are able to learn how to increase this “sixth sense” by learning to do new skills. With a coach’s help they learn what positions are required, and then with repetition they learn how to do the skills alone using proprioception.

Social Skills

Gymnastics can help children enhance social skills. Children learn how to take turns, listen to instructions, focus on a task, be patient, process constructive criticism, be supportive of other kids and ask for help. Gymnastics requires a lot of communication between students and their coach to ensure a safe and fun environment. Going to gymnastics is a great time for kids to make new friends and learn new things.


Gymnastics teaches kids resilience. In gymnastics, there will be times when gymnasts might fall or make mistakes, but with the support of coaches, kids are taught to get up and try again! They are taught that practice and patience are what make successful gymnasts.

Kindergarten Readiness

Gymnastics also helps kids succeed in school. Our sport helps develop the grip strength needed for fine motor skills like holding a pencil and writing. Kids are also taught to listen and focus while they are at gymnastics. In addition, the process of learning new skills in gymnastics helps develop spatial awareness. Spatial awareness helps kids understand shapes and distances, which are often referenced in school.

Confidence & Self-Esteem

Children learn how to build up their confidence and self esteem doing gymnastics. They learn to trust themselves when trying new things! They are encouraged by their coaches and other classmates. No two kids learn the same way and gymnastics offers a personalized approach to learning. In gymnastics, it’s important to remind kids of this and to encourage them not to feel discouraged when others are progressing at a different rate. Gymnastics can be difficult for some, but with patience, encouragement and confidence gymnasts can accomplish so much!

TAGS = Fun, Fitness, Friends!

Gymnastics, along with all exercise, activates the release of endorphins and activates opioid receptors in the brain which helps increase the feeling of being happy.

These amazing benefits, combined with our phenomenal staff, make TAGS Gymnastics all about Fun, Fitness & Friends!

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