Trampoline & Tumbling

Boys & Girls ages 5 & older


Prerequisite:  Must be at least Advanced Beginner level to be eligible for these classes

  • Co-ed class for children who are looking to improve skills on floor, trampoline & Tumble-trak (no gender specific apparatus). Strength and flexibility activities are included to improve basics for more advanced trampoline and tumbling skills 
  • A great choice for dancers, cheerleaders and kids in other sports who want to improve tumbling & trampoline skills, without experience on other apparatus
  • Can be taken in addition to your regular class or as your only choice

If you are unsure of your child’s level, please give us a call and we can look it up or help determine the best place for them.

Current Session: Spring

Feb. 26 – May 18

(12 weeks)

Upcoming Session: Summer

June 3rd – August 16th

(closed 7/1-7/5)
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Tumblers 1 & 2

60 minutes
*Prerequisite: Passed the Beginner level or evaluated into this level

Tumblers 3 & 4

60 minutes
*Prerequisite: Passed the Intermediate level or evaluated into this level


How do I determine which Tumblers class to sign up for?

Students evaluated into an Advanced Beginner, or Intermediate level can sign up for Tumblers 1-2. Students evaluated into an Advanced or Ultra level can sign up for Tumblers 3-4. If you are unsure of where your child should register, please contact us to assist.

How long are the Tumblers classes?

Both Tumblers 1-2 and Tumblers 3-4 are 60 minutes in length.

Can I signup for class with a friend?

TAGS will make every effort to place gymnasts registered in the same level grouping in Tumblers classes together.  Please contact the front desk to make a request prior to the start of the session.

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