I Got the Medal, but He got the First Hug.

TAGS South Head Team Coach Kevin Brown coached and trained gymnasts in the 1988, 1992, and 1996 Olympic Games. We are loving this heartwarming story from Wendy Bruce that exemplifies the amazing coach he was and still is today!

Get Psyched!

When I competed in the 1992 Olympics we had a team of six members. There was me, Shannon Miller, Kim Zmeskal, Betty Okino, Dominique Dawes, and Kerri Strug. Kim, Kerri, and Betty were coached by Bela Karoyli. Dom was coached by Kelli Hill. Shannon was coached by Steve Nunno and I was coached by the great Kevin Brown.

Back in 1992 we had to compete 8 routines. The entire team had to compete compulsories on all four events and optionals on all four events. Luckily during compulsories we were allowed to have our own coaches on the floor, but for optionals USA Gymnastics had to pick one head coach and one assistant coach for our team. They picked Bela and Steve. I knew Mr. Brown wasn’t going to be picked as a head or assistant coach for the team competition because it was customary to have the number one and two gymnasts…

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